Moab Desert Climbing Views

Moab Desert Towers

  • Duration 6-7 Hours
  • Rock Climbing

Enormous wingate sandstone towers distinguish the Moab area from almost any other desert on earth

For climbers, these desert monoliths provide a climbing experience available nowhere else. With an endless amount of Wingate Sandstone walls boasting varnished faces and splitter cracks, Utah climbing is in a league of its own. Between the iconic Castle Valley and its awe inspiring desert towers to the roadside convenience of Wall Street and everything in between, you won’t be disappointed with opportunities to climb.

Most popular in the fall and early winter months, climbers from all over the world venture to Moab to scale desert cracks like unlike anywhere else on earth. With opportunities to climb single pitch, multi-pitch, or even desert towers, let us show you the ropes in one of the most unique and memorable climbing destinations on the planet.

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Trip Details


6-7 Hours


All levels

Maximum Guide Ratio



  • AE/AMGA trained and certified rock climbing guide 
  • All technical equipment (helmet, harness, climbing equipment, ropes, packs, etc.)

Not Included

  • Lodging & Transportation
  • Food/water
  • Guide gratuity

Trip Itinerary

Castleton Tower: The most popular route, the Kor-Ingalls (5.9) is one of the 50 Classic Climbs of North America. This tower sits solitary. From the summit, one has a view overlooking hundreds of miles of desert and sky. No matter the route, climbing Castleton Tower is a fantastic and memorable full day climb. After the approach, it includes up to five pitches of crack and face climbing and three long rappels back to the talus field. We guide multiple routes on this classic tower, including the Kor-Ingalls and the North Chimney.

The Rectory – Fine Jade (5.11a) is another desert classic! This route follows a beautiful and demanding crack system up the tower’s south face for an impressive four pitches. 

Sister Superior: This tower sits approximately one mile north of Castleton and The Rectory, providing one of canyon country’s finest routes. Jah Man is a stellar advanced (5.10c) route that serves short but amazing cruxes with easy rappels.

Ancient Art: Our route of choice in the Fisher Towers is Stolen Chimney (5.8 A0 or 5.11a) on Ancient Art. If you have never climbed a tower before, then this is the tower for you! Four wonderful pitches get you over 500 feet off the deck, to the famous diving board and airy corkscrew summit.

Desert Tower Climbing

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