Spring Ski Mountaineering Camp Signup

We can’t wait to ski/ride with you.

Because this is a higher-level camp we want to chat with you a bit first.

We can only take ten participants so to make sure everyone has a solid base level of proficiency we talk to everyone interested in the camp. Even if you’re not quite sure, our guides can help you determine the next steps in your individual progression, free of cost. So sign up for a call anyway because we want everyone to experience the joy of mountaineering.

Sign up quickly because this camp is already filling up.
Once we get to know you a bit, we will send you a link to the checkout and reserve your spot.

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Still not sure?

Our favorite part of guiding is changing your perspective on what’s possible in the mountains. If you feel that you’re not quite ready, register anyways and chat with one of our guides because we can help you get there.